Lupus is a devastating disease that causes a wide range of complications. Many people who suffer from lupus find themselves unable to work because of the severity of these complications. People who are unable to work because of lupus may be able to collect social security disability (SSD) benefits, but the application process requires that sufferers gather detailed information about their condition.

It is important for lupus sufferers to remember that SSD benefits are a type of insurance that is available to people who have worked in the past. Applicants need to work a minimum amount of time each year leading up to their date of disability in order to qualify for benefits. This program is an insurance policy for workers rather than an assistance program.

What Is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation because the tissues and organs in the body are constantly being attacked by the immune system of a sufferer. Complications may develop in any affected part of the body. The parts of the body that are affected vary from person to person.

The cause of lupus is not always known. Some people are prone to developing the chronic disease. Other people develop lupus after recovering from an infection or taking a certain medication. Exposure to sunlight has even been tied to lupus in some cases, and researchers believe that there is a genetic component to the development of lupus.

Medical professionals may not immediately recognize that a person is suffering from lupus. This is because the complications that are present in a person who has lupus often mimic complications related to other conditions.

Swelling in the brain, kidneys, lungs, heart and blood vessels may cause life-threatening complications in a person who has lupus. The condition also makes sufferers more susceptible to infections, cancer and bone tissue necrosis. Women who become pregnant while suffering from lupus can experience miscarriage or preterm delivery.

There is currently no cure for lupus. Symptoms of the disease may be made less severe with the use of medication.

Qualifying For Social Security Due To Lupus

Lupus causes a range of complications that could only cause minor issues for a sufferer. Many people who suffer from lupus find that they are able to work as normal until complications become more severe. The fact that the complications of lupus vary so widely means that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has chosen not to directly address whether lupus is covered by SSD benefits. Each case is handled individually.

Anyone who suffers from lupus and feels that their complications are severe enough to prevent them from working should be sure to seek medical attention on a regular basis. The SSA will want to see that the applicant has been diagnosed with lupus and is receiving treatment for severe complications of the condition.

Complications that qualify a person for SSD benefits must be severe enough to make it impossible for a person to work in any position for which they are qualified. Examples of complications of lupus that may meet this requirement include extreme, chronic fatigue or widespread joint pain.

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