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on 06, Nov 2017
“It’s official! My SSDI benefits resume after 30 years in the workforce effective this month. 4 months application to decision. So grateful! Special thanks to Cliff Weisberg at Weisberg & Thurswell Law Group for his wise consult every step of the way.”Ann E. Manning, BS, CBIS – Former Director of Marketing for Strength Training and Recovery Corporation
Ann Manning
on 08, Dec 2017
Cliff, during my disability I do not know what I would have done without your endless help. You made a hardship in my life a whole lot easier with your direction, instruction, kindness and guidance. You will not be forgotten. Thank you so much for your patience in answering my many questions on the phone and the Social Security problems. I thank you for the “secret number” which sped up getting my payment, who knows when they would have made the payment. Thank you so much. You have made the world so much nicer
on 30, Aug 2017
Dear Mr. Weisberg, thank you for the excellent preparation and the materials you shared with the clinical staff at Hope Network last week. The information shared was critical to many of the consumers we work with. Michigan is fortunate to have you and your firm advocating for the rights of its citizens.
Katie S.
on 06, Mar 2018
Dear Cliff, On behalf of everyone at JARC, thank you so much for the informative class you recently held for our staff on SSI and SSDI. The session was very lively and informative, and the information you provided is critical for us to know in doing our best for the people with disabilities we serve. Again, we are very grateful to you for providing us with your valuable time and expertise, as well as for the wonderful handouts, tote bags and pens. We could not have asked for a more knowledgeable professional, and we are very grateful for your kindness.
Christine H.
on 07, Jul 2017
“Dear Cliff, thank you for taking a chance on me and everyone you have helped through the years! You have a big heart! My deepest appreciation!”
Carol H.
on 23, Feb 2017
Remembering your kindness….. Remembering you. Thank you so very much for helping me and my family as well as my brother. We are forever grateful. Thank you again.
John D. C.
on 15, Mar 2018
“Mr. C. Weisberg. Just a note to let you know how very much we appreciate all your assistance. Your intervention helped ease us through a very difficult time. Thank you again.”
Alice P. M.
on 22, Sep 2016
Mr. Clifford L. Weisberg. We want to finally take a moment to thank you ever so much for all you have done in helping us with our Social Security case. It has been a great relief to have everything settled to our advantage. Thank you & God Bless.
Don & Emily W.
on 05, Mar 2018
Just a short note to thank you so much for the nice birthday card you sent. It meant a lot to me to think that an important businessman would take the time to think of a person he has never met to send a birthday card. It really made my day. I’m still having a lot of pain and discomfort from my back and knees. But I will never forget what you and the judge did for me in getting my SS benefits. Thank You again for being so kind and considerate.
on 23, Sep 2017
Thank You, Mr. Weisberg for all your help, concern and kindness. The Lord will bless you. God bless you.
on 27, Jun 2017
“Dear Mr. Weisberg. Just a short note to say thanks to you and your staff for the speed with which you handled your case. I was very impressed that I never had to make any calls to you, because you had already taken care of the paperwork. I would recommend you to anyone needing assistance for a disability claim. Once again, many thanks.”
on 10, Apr 2018
I want to thank you personally for speaking at the program MS: My Choice and having your table available for participants to visit. It is great that you took the time out on a Saturday to volunteer for the MS Society. Your presentation was very well received and appreciated. Those who participated in your presentation commented on how much information they gathered from your speech. Participants were also very happy to receive your free gifts and have a chance to speak with you about their own personal concerns. I look forward to working with you again!
Aziza A.
on 04, Nov 2016
I couldn’t have won without you. Thank you again. PS. You’ve been so nice. You are a good man and a great attorney
Karen M.
on 06, Oct 2016
Dear Mr. Weisberg. I thank you so very much for all your help and support. You are one of the many flowers that I appreciate in life. I want to enjoy all the flowers that I can while I’m alive. I will bake you a cake and bring it to you soon. Once again, thank you so much. I feel very happy.
Earl N. W.
on 29, Oct 2017
Dear Mr. Weisberg. I want to thank you again for representing me in my claim for benefits. I appreciate all the hard work and hours you put in on my case. You have helped me to get my life back on track and I am so very grateful. May God bless you and your family.
on 11, Jan 2018
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made my life full of sunshine.
on 29, Jul 2016
Dear Mr. Weisberg. Thank you so very much for all your help. I know you went the extra mile to help me. I also know your payment was not even close to what you deserved. I know now that there are people who truly care for the needs of others.
on 13, May 2016
You are such a credit to your profession and the Human Race. It was a privilege to have known you. We’ll be keeping in touch.
on 29, Nov 2017
Dear Mr. Weisberg. I just wanted to thank you for your presentation on Social Security Disability and SSI to members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul last Saturday. Our evaluation response indicated that our members were very grateful for the information you presented and considered you a very effective presenter. (One member has told me that he has already put the information to use to help someone as of this morning.) There is considerable interest in inviting you back at a future date for a lengthier presentation. I found it very enjoyable working with your office to schedule the presentation.My initial request last December was met with a courteous and efficient response, and when it was time to reconfirm all went smoothly. It has all been a very good experience for me personally and for our members. Thank you so much! You are certainly welcome to advise clients to contact us if they need emergency assistance. The number to call is (313) 972-3100, ext. 120. We will be happy to refer them to parishes with St. Vincent de Paul groups or, where appropriate, to other agencies and organizations which may be able to help.
Valerie G.
on 16, Apr 2017
Dear Mr. Weisberg and staff. Thank you for all your time and work. You all gave 110%. We will always be grateful. Thanks.
on 05, Sep 2017
Clifford Weisberg. I want to thank you for all your time and effort involved in settling my social security dispute. This win for my disability benefits has lifted a great burden for me financially. It is going to help me finally start my new life. I appreciate what you do for others. You were a Godsend for me. I thank you again with much gratitude. You are a good person.
Gayle L. L.
on 03, Aug 2017
Cliff. Thank you for all of your help regarding my social security claim. It was very timely and much appreciated. I would certainly recommend you to everybody! Thanks again.
on 08, Mar 2018
Dear Mr. Weisberg. Let me thank you on the very professional way that you not only handled my recent disability case but also the first class way that you conducted yourself with me too. Hope you will enjoy the tape of pre-recorded music that I selected to send to you. It’s the same tape that I chose for my doctor and I thought you would enjoy it too. Mostly classic show tunes from the shows of the 50s and 60s like “My fair Lady”, “Carnival”, “The King and I”, “Oklahoma” and many others. Sent along with deep appreciation of being associated with you too. Have told various friends about your law firm and if you send me some business cards, I’ll distribute them for you only! You represented a real breath of fresh air in our association.
on 29, May 2018
Thank you for all your assistance in obtaining my Social Security Disability Benefits. I want to wish you a Happy New Year. PS. Thanks for putting up with all my questions!
Susan F.
on 01, Oct 2017
Dear Sir/Madam. I am sending this letter to thank you for the referral of my Social Security and Workers’ Compensation problem to Mr. Clifford Weisberg. After he reviewed my paper, he was able to determine that I have been underpaid Social Security not only for myself but also for my wife and children for the last year and a half. After our office interview and preparation of a letter which I delivered to Social Security, I received checks for myself and my family that totaled nearly $5000. In addition, my monthly benefits have increased by $331 a month. I can only say that it was the best $1500 I have ever spent. Again, thank you on behalf of myself and my family. I would like to add that Mr. Weisberg impressed both my wife and me with his professionalism and his sincere concern for our problem. We both felt very comfortable with him and would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.
on 02, Aug 2017
Every person offers a gift or contribution, however small or large, which does not go unnoticed. A sincere thank you for your support in securing the future of our daughter, Gina!
Gina, Christina, Anton
on 12, Jul 2016
Thank you for taking care of our Adrianna. We counted on you and you did not disappoint. Forever grateful. Italy waits for you, our home is your home always..
Adrianna, Maria & Antonio G
on 18, Feb 2018
I want to thank you for your heroic effort this past week to win the battle for patient safety and our profession. THANK YOU! I am very grateful.
Mark J. B.
on 11, Nov 2017
I just wanted to say I really appreciate and respect you for being who you are. I thank God everyday for placing you in my life as well as in my son’s life. I will always be grateful for the love and kindness that you’ve shown me and Marino. May God richly bless you!
on 12, May 2016
Just wanted to let you know how thankful our family is knowing God has placed you in our life for us to be blessed. Thanks for all you’ve done in helping my daughter receive what was due to her.
Rae A. and Family
on 28, May 2017
Thank you and your team for all that you have done for us and Roy. As you said, nothing will compensate for loss, but we appreciate the hard work and dedication from your side in order to reach closure. If you ever decide to visit Lebanon or Kuwait please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be great seeing you.
Moe & Rima M.
on 31, May 2017
I never in my life thought that I would need a lawyer for any reason, but when I found out I would need one, it’s nice to know I got the right one. Thank you for your time and your expertise. Although I do miss working (I liked what I did for a living), we are adjusting and getting on with our lives. Thank you once again, you will never know how much you helped us.
Jeffery C.
on 09, Sep 2017
Thank you for the excellent presentation and materials you shared with the clinical staff at Hope Network. Your information is critical to many of the consumers we work with. Michigan is fortunate to have your firm advocating for the rights of its citizens.
Child/OP Services, Hope Network
on 11, Feb 2018
I have enjoyed working with Cliff Weisberg since back in the early 1990’s. During that time, his commitment and passion for children with disabilities. His effort to organize a law practice focusing upon helping the undeserved who have disabilities has been so important to the families I serve: Families having children with severe inherited bleeding disorders. These disorders often prevent parents from holding jobs because their children are hospitalized so often. Working with Cliff to help parents obtain SSI coverage has made it possible for these parents to have financial resources, albeit small in amounts, that make it possible to take care of their children without being totally financially devastated. I totally endorse Cliff Weisberg for being an attorney who has and still does go above and beyond. I am very thankful for him!
on 20, Aug 2017
I met Cliff Weisberg at the Michigan Transition Services Association Conference several years ago. Since then he has been able to educate my colleagues and myself, provided information during transition nights to parents, guardians and students and is always available to answer questions when something comes up at an IEPC. Cliff has been an important tool in my treasure box that has allowed me to grow professionally and help parents that raise children with special needs. Every secondary transition teacher, social worker and administrator could benefit from Cliffs expertise and presentations. Cliff keeps me informed via quarterly newsletters and pamphlets that describe the basics. Mr. Weisberg is a 5 start attorney and humanitarian.Laura Bilotta, teacher of special education and transition services.
Laura Bilotta
on 23, Jul 2018
Cliff Weisburg, and his team, have been such a blessing to my family, and I. His team represented both my son, and I with our SSD claim in court, and he won both of our cases. His council before, during, and after (even now, 7 months after our hearing before the administrative law judge, he still has continued to help me with issues, and complications that have arisen due to the complexity of my unique case *My case is so unique, that some of the people working for the SSA have not encountered another like it, and because of it, there have been many errors that have been made. Cliff has stood by my side throughout all of these complications, and resolved them, on my behalf ). I have recommended him to both my family, and close friends. I highly recommend him, and his team to everyone, and anyone that is looking for representation from a very experienced, professional, understanding, and compassionate team of lawyers. Words cannot express my gratitude towards them.
Jerry McKay
on 15, Jul 2018
Cliff and his staff are VERY knowledgeable about social society's disability. Even though Cliff is in another state he makes sure that EVERYTHING is taken care of for me. He and his staff set my mind at ease to not worry about things. Highly recommend Cliff!
Jen St. Louis
on 14, Jul 2018
Very pleased with the outcome!
John Czarnecki
on 15, Jun 2018
Working w/people with disabilities myself, I need to be able to turn to someone who is super knowledgeable about SSI, SSDI, and DAC benefit issues whenever I have a question re: them. Cliff is the most knowledgeable person I know re: these issues and the first person that I always turn to whenever I have a question about them.
Mark Bashaw
on 10, May 2018
Being President of NAMI Metro we have invited Cliff Weisberg to come to our open General Meetings to update our many members about current events and issues for those seeking SSI and SSDI. He is a most informative presenter and very empathetic to the needs of our mental health community. His willingness to have people call and discuss specific issues they are having is a life saver for so many. The feedback from the many members who have reached out for guidance and help from Cliff and his organization has been the reason we continue to have him back to speak. I would highly recommend Cliff and his organization to anyone who has questions or is dealing with problems with SSI and SSDI.
Leon Judd
on 10, May 2018
I am an oncology social worker who helps cancer patients apply for disability. Cliff Weisberg has been an indispensable resource in assisting our patients through the complicated system of social security disability. I have complete confidence in his knowledge and expertise and have referred many patients to him over the years. In addition, his professional seminars on the social security disability process have been invaluable to me and my social work colleagues. Cliff is extremely ethical and really cares about helping people get disability as quickly as possible.
on 10, May 2018
I cannot say enough positive things about Cliff Weisburg and the team at Social Security Counseling Center. I am a school social worker who works with severely disabled students and their families. I rely on the information that I have received from Cliff to direct my parents in the process of applying for SSI. I have attended both basic and advanced training's that Cliff has presented on Social Security and have come away with knowledge and materials that help my families navigate this process. Cliff has also come to our agency fair and has given presentations, giving valuable information to our parents as well as answering any question they might have. Whenever I have a question concerning Social Security I know I can count on Cliff to have an answer. He and the staff at Social Security Counseling Center are ready and able to help you with all of your Social Security related needs.
Heidi Waggoner
on 10, May 2017
Greatest guy I ever met Clifford was like a father to me.He was so kind and had more knowledge on ssi than anybody .He help me so much and always called me to let me know what was going on.He took care of everything .I would recommend him over anybody.all u have to do it's talk to him once and than realize what a smart kind guy he is .Thank you so much Clifford your the BEST. YOUR FRIEND ALWAYS KENNY MCBEE
on 09, May 2017
The training I attended recently was great and exceeded all of my expectations. Cliff is passionate and knowledgeable. His willingness to educate other professionals to help serve our clients better is a clear example of his advocacy for the populations we work with. I will continue to take training's offered by Cliff and the Social Security Counseling Center.
Kristen De Long
on 06, May 2017
Excellent training and knowledgeable presenters.
Georgia Cambell
on 01, Jul 2018
I had applied for Social Security Disability in 2014 by myself, thinking I would not have a problem. Well I was turned down, SS said that I was not sick enough. They set up two appointments for me to see their doctors, but when I got to the offices , no one was there. My sister works for an attorney and I called her for some legal advice. She called me and told me to call Cliff Weisberg at the Social Security Counseling Center. I was nervous, never having to work with a lawyer, but that first phone call he made me so comfortable and at ease, that I could tell him anything. Well he is the sweetest, understanding, brilliant and down to earth man I have ever met. It took us quite a while to get a hearing set up, but we had the hearing and I won, only because I had the best lawyer at my side. Thank you so much, Cliff Weisberg!!!!
Janice B.
on 22, Aug 2018
Hi Mr. Weisberg,I had the pleasure of meeting you alongside my social work and development colleagues a few months back. I am just dropping you a quick note to let you know how much your services mean to our patients. I hand out your brochure on SSI and SSD on the regular and feel so confident sending patients into your organization’s capable hands. So, thank you for all you do and I hope we have the chance to see each other again in the near future.
Leah Brock, LMSW Clinical Social Worker
on 22, Aug 2018
Cliff is a credit to his profession. From day one I could tell that he really cared. He always returned phone calls and answered your questions. He did all the heavy lifting and helped get my life back on track. Thank you very much Mr. Weisberg, your a class act and I'll never forget all you've done for me.
Super Naut